One of the oldest domestic breeds: Meet the Siamese cat

beautiful_siamese_catBecause they are such beloved pets, many cat breeds are actually quite famous, and a variety of them manage to earn a spot in pet lovers hears. It’s undeniable, however, that it will be hard to find a single person who never heard of the Siamese cat breed. They are incredibly well known even among people who don’t have pets and they are easily recognizable.

The Siamese cats have a muscular long body. They have a triangle shaped face and big ears as well as eyes that are very bright blue. Their tail is thin and long just like their body. Their color is a light body color with what we call “points” in many different colors such as brown, chocolate, blue and lilac. This breed has two different types: One called “show” with long legs, tail, and large ears. The “Traditional Siamese” is also called “Apple-Headed” and he has a more round, chubby and fluffy body.

Is the Siamese kitten the oldest domestic breed?

adult_siamese_catThe Siamese breed history started in Thailand when light-colored cats with big points in their ears, face, paws, and tails were spotted. It wasn’t, however, till many years later when they finally had their debut in Europe in a Cat Show hosted at the Crystal Palace in London that they started to become famous.

At first glance, some people disliked their “points” look and found their appearance quite odd, however, their unusual appearance also became a favorite for the people who liked more distinct looks.

Soon the Siamese would become very famous in the United States as well. The peak of their popularity came when President Rutherford and his wife Lucy shipped a Siamese cat to their home in 1878 from Thailand. They are considered a natural breed and their pattern is a result of genetic mutation. Today, many other breeds were created based on the Siamese breed like the Oriental cat.

How much a Siamese cat costs and how is their Personality?

The Siamese breed can cost from $250 to $500 and they are quite easy to find if you want one. They are a very active and playful breed and they will need a lot of attention from their owners. Don’t be surprised if they get attached to one person in particular of the family, most likely the one who plays with them the most.

This breed is extremely intelligent and they are very, very loud. They will “talk” to you all day and try to communicate with owners the best way they can. The Siamese is very lovely with other pets and strangers, they’ll even welcome your visit to your home waiting for them at the door.

The Siamese cat health problems and care.

First of all, you need to know this breed hates to be left alone so if you work a lot it might be the best idea to get two Siamese cats, so they can keep each other company while you are gone. They are an overall quite healthy breed since they are very active and they must maintain their thin figure as their long thing legs aren’t ideal for chubby bodies.

When it comes to grooming, you’ll only need to comb their hair once a week to get rid of excess hair from shredding. They are quite good at it themselves, so they don’t demand a lot of extra attention from their owners. This breed also loves high heights so make sure to prepare cat towers for them to climb anytime they want and hang out. Here’s more information about the breed:

Life Span 15 years.
Weight & Size Medium Size
Hypoallergenic No
Attention Needs High
Noise High
Pattern Blue, chocolate, brown and lilac points.
Grooming Low

Siamese Cats facts

  • The color of the Siamese is not only because of genetic mutation. They have a gene that inhibits the pigment in the fur, which makes them albino. However, this gene can only affect the cat’s fur if they are above 100 dredges. Since the nose, paws, ears, and tail are cooler than the rest of the body the gene “doesn’t work” and they retain color in these areas.
  • Most Siamese baby cats are born all white, and their “points” appear after a couple of weeks.
  • They were first spotted around the 14th century, which makes them a very old breed.
  • many people disliked their appearance once they arrived in Europe, it was precisely their looks that made them be treated like royalty in Thailand.


This breed is extremely famous for a reason. They are super easy to take care of and are very loving. If you enjoy more silence, they might not be the best breed for you as they are quite loud and vocal but they are very friendly with other pets, kids and strangers. Make sure you have enough time on your day to pay attention to them or they can easily get very stressed as they don’t like to be alone, making them a great option for people who work at home. You can find more information about how and where to adopt one here: