The most popular breed, meet the Persian Cat

Black Persian cat After the hairless cat breed Sphnyx and the gentle British Shorthair, it’s now time to meet what is to many people the most popular cat breed of them all, the Persian Cat. These fluffy balls are everyone’s favorite, from their cute appearance to its charming and elegant aura, they are the go-to breed for their easy-going and extremely sweet personality.

If we could describe this breed in a single word it would probably be: Beautiful; They just offer the classic glamorous cat look that many people enjoy, accompanied by their extremely amicable personality. Get to know all the details of this breed and what makes them the ultimate favorite.

The popularity of the Persian Cat

This breed’s history is quite interesting, to say the least; They originated in what is now called modern-day Iran, previously known as Mesopotamia and then Persia. Because of their elegant looks, Pietro Della Valle, an Italian Nobleman made the decision to take the breed to Europe around the 17th century.

In Europe, the breed caught the attention of Queen Victoria, and they ultimately became her favorite cats. She owned two blue Persian cats kittens, and she was extremely attached to them, helping increase the breed’s popularity all over Britain. This breed also reigns in America, being voted as the most popular cat there, followed by the Manie Coon in 2nd place and the Exotic in 3rd place.

What is the Persian cat price and what to expect from the breed?

Cute Persian Cat Making plans to buy the breed as we speak? Well, you must know the Persian Cat costs around $500 to $700, and they can get more expensive depending on how uncommon is the color you prefer.

Once they arrived at your home you’ll find an extremely sweet and loving cat. They are called the “lap cap” as they enjoy taking naps and chilling on your lap the most; Overall they just like to be around you. If you enjoy some peace, you’ll like to know the Persian Cat personality is far from adventurous and you won’t find them climbing on things very often, however, they might have a sudden boost of energy and it would be best to have some time to play with them.

Do they need any special care and are the Persian Cats Hypoallergenic?

The breed’s small face is one of the features that make them look extra cute, but because of their short face their eyes can get dry easily and they can also get colds often. Thanks to their full fur, they’ll need daily grooming as well; As far as feeding goes, you’ll need to provide them with a protein-heavy diet even if you have a Persian cat baby.

They will need all the usual vaccines and dental care; Also make sure to keep them active both mentally and physically, keep them entertained. They are not hypoallergenic so it would be best to spend some time with your future new cat before taking them to your home. Here are some more Persian Cats information for this breed’s lovers:

Life Span 15 – 20 years
Weight & Size Medium Size. Male – 5-7 kg & Female 3-5 kg
Adopt a Persian cat
Hypoallergenic No
Attention Needs Medium
Pattern Pattern White, Cream, Black, Chocolate, Blue, Lilac, Red.
Grooming High
Coat Glossy, thick and Long

Interesting facts about the Persian Cats:

  • They like your attention and they’ll make sure to let you know when they need bonding time.
  • Their petite leg bones stop them from jumping to higher places, they like to stay on the ground most of the time… or your lap.
  • They are also one of the oldest cat breeds.
  • They have a unique jaw shape, so they need to use their tongue more than other breeds to be able to get food.


This breed is perfect if you want a loving cat with a classic luxurious fur look. Their personality is so calm and gentle he won’t be a problem for your kids and other furry friends. They just need a bit of extra care as some Persian cat health problems are colds and dry eyes; Other than that this breed is very easy to manage. They are also not one of the most expensive breeds, so if you’re on a budget but still want an Elegant cat, you definitely found just the right choice. You can adopt a Persian Cat here: