The Viking’s Cat breed: Meet the Luxurious Norwegian Forest cat.

Orange norwegian forest catsOne of the most glamorous and pretty breeds our there: We introduce you to the Norwegian Cat. This breed is quite large and muscular, they have big eyes, ears, and a long bushy tail; Their coat is thick and soft, and they give this breed a special royal look.

The Norwegian Forest kittens are even cuter, they are extremely popular in Europe and their features are adapted to their life there. They have longer back legs compared to their front ones, which gives this breed a powerful tree-climbing ability.

A massive ball of fur and independent personality, we’ll list you everything you need to know about your soon to be favorite breed.

Why people call the Norwegian Forest “The Viking’s Breed”?

Not much is know about the time when this breed started to apprear. Back in 1940, when the Germans invaded Norway, this breed was on the brink of extinction. A breeding project was started and funded in Norway to keep the breed alive. Breeders were forced to resort to breading the Norwegian Forest cats with stray cats, so the breed would survive. World War II was a big factor that delayed the efforts for restarting this breed, however, once the war ended , the plans were resumed and the breed was saved.

They are said to be more than 500 years old and were called “skogkatt” back then, meaning “Forest Cat” in English as they lived in the woods.

Because they were considered a mythical creature of the forest in Norway, it is believed that Vikings brought the cats with them in ships to guarantee a safe trip. Being so, there’s a lot of rumors about this cat’s predecessors serving in Scandinavian ships, helping in hunting small animals or working on farms.

How much a Norwegian Forest cat costs and are they non-friendly?

Black and white Norwegian forest catIf their history was enough to catch your interest, this breed’s price can go from $550 to $800, a smaller price range compared to other breeds. If you’re planning to adopt, make sure to carefully choose a responsible breeder to guarantee that your future cat was breed safely and healthily.

Many people believe that since this breed lived in the forest, they aren’t friendly. Turns out, this isn’t the case, you’ll find them quite gentle and loving. They can have favorites though, and show more love to specific members of your house, but they won’t be a problem for your kids or other pets.

What is the Norwegian Forest size and possible health problems?

As far as Norwegian Forest health problems go, you’ll need to be careful about how much they eat, they are also likely to suffer from hip dysplasia, a condition caused by malformation of the hip, making their bones rub against each other; Watch out for some symptoms of this conditions like pain and limping.

Brush their hair once a week to get rid of knots and give them a bath once in a while. You will also need to take care of basic health care like dental checkups and regular visits to the Vet. Following these steps, you’ll have a healthy cat without any major problem. Here’s more information about the breed:

Life Span 12-16 years.
Weight & Size Medium Size. 3-4 kg
Hypoallergenic No
Attention Needs Low
Noise Medium
Pattern Pattern Their color can vary. Pattern with and without patches.
Grooming Low

Norwegian Forest cat fun facts

  • They used to live outdoor before, but you’ll be surprised to see how much they love to stay inside.
  • This breed of cat is quite intelligent and curious.
  • Beware, they can be quite noisy when excited, sometimes they can even have bird-like sounds.
  • The Norwegian is very resistant to cold weather, so you won’t need to worry about then during Winter
  • Most popular breed in Norway and France.


If you’re more of an independent person that doesn’t have a lot of free time to just chill with your pet, you might have just found the perfect breed. The Norwegian Forest personality is quite chill, and although they do appreciate some love here and there, they will mostly give you space. Being a cheaper breed, they are very accessible and you can easily find adorable kittens to adopt if you prefer to.