Munchkin Cat: Details about the cutest breed with a polemic background

Handsome munchkin catMeet the Munchkin cat, an adorable short-legged breed full of personality. This breed is so cute that many people finds it hard to believe they are real. Their small frame and adorable short legs make them a desirable breed and one of the kid’s favorite. You shouldn’t be mistaken by their looks, they are full of surprises and despite their small frame, they can be a bit devious and very fast.

This breed, however, can be quite complicated, full of controversy and misconceptions; Especially when it comes to health-related issues, as people tend to spread wrong information about them. We’ll try to explain all the information you need to know before deciding to adopt one or not.

Are the Munchkin Cat kittens only recognized by the TICA?

Well… yes, we’ll explain. Although this breed is adorable there’s some controversy about whether they are a breed or not. The International Cat Association recognizes the Munchkin as an official breed since 1995, however, they are the only ones to do so.

Why? Some people believe the breed is a result of inbreeding; They also don’t have any required markings, body shape or even coat type. However, just as many people clarify that this is not the case and that since they can be recognized by their small leg length they are indeed a breed.

Since there is no consensus, the breeding of Munchkins cats can be considered unethical by some, as they believe it can encourage the breeding of physical deformities; Being so, they are not recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association and American Cat Fanciers Association.

What is the Munchkin cat price and what to expect from the breed?

Fluffy munchkin catThese little furry creatures price can vary from $250 to $500, making them a relatively cheap breed; They are very playful and enjoy running around, as a matter of fact, they are quite fast too. They enjoy being carried around and jumping, which makes people compare them with a bunny.

Because of their unbothered type of personality, they don’t usually mind other cats running around the house, even dogs; They’ll have an easy time bonding with your kids as well, and will always be down to play with them, making them a great choice if you have family.

The Munchkin cats love cuddling and spending some time with their owners; They love just as much to explore around each corner of the house, hidden spots they can find and often can showcase hoarding tendencies.

Do they need any special care? Are the Munchkin Cats Hypoallergenic?

Since they can have many different coats it can be quite tricky to specify how to care for them. You’ll need to know how to groom Munchkin cats correctly for each type of coat; If your Munchkin cat is a short hair one they’ll need grooming at least once a week; If they are a long hair type the ideal would be twice a week.

Because of its features, this breed requires a bit more attention from a buyer; Make sure to buy only from a reputable breeder and never buy munchkin kittens originated from inbreeding.

There’s a lot of rumors about Munchkin cats health issues because of their leg size, however, their shape will not cause any special health problems and they are overall healthy. Here’s more information about them such as the Munchkin cat Life Span and attention needs.

Life Span 13 – 15 years
Weight & Size Small Size. Male – 3-4 kg
Adopt a Munchkin cat
Hypoallergenic No
Attention Needs Medium
Pattern They can come in any color or pattern.
Grooming Low

Interesting Facts about the Munchkin Cat

  • A lot of celebrities like Paris Hilton are known to own Munchkin cats.
  • They are sometimes called the “sausage cat” for their small short shape.
  • They love shiny things.
  • A little female Munchkin cat name Lilieput became the World’s shortest cat in 2013, measuring only 13.34cm.
  • The genetic condition that gives them their odd appearance was first spotted in 1930, however, these cats disappeared during World War II.


Although there is a lot of wrong information going around about this lovely breed, at the end of the day they are a healthy, cute and playful breed that can make any family happy. All you’ll need is to be extra careful when choosing the breeder of your new pet, as they can send unhealthy kittens your way. The Munchkin cat personality is pet-friendly and kid-friendly as they don’t care about being picked and moved around; So it might be a good choice to consider them when looking for your new cat.