The Teddy-Bear breed: All you need to know about the Exotic Shorthair cat.

Cute exotic shorthair catThe Exotic Shorthair cat is an extremely expressive and cute breed. They have a petite body frame with short legs and tail, covered in a short but luxurious coat; This breed’s face is the main responsible for their lovely good looks; They have big round eyes and a wide round head. All these features combined with their coat type makes them incredibly special.

Since they have similar features to the Persian cat, many people draw comparisons between the breed, calling the Exotic a “Persian lookalike” However, this breed demands way less care as far as grooming goes, for example.

They are recognized by the CFA – The Cat Fanciers Association-; ACFA – American Cat Fanciers Association-; FIFe – Fédération Internationale Féline-; TICA – The International Cat Association- and, they are considered a common breed.

What is the Exotic Shorthair kitten history

The Exotic Shorthair breed is relatively a very young breed. The breed came about in early 1960 when by accident, breeders mated Persians with American Shorthair cats. Being the reason why the Exotic looks similar to a Persian cat.

Although they ultimately decided for the name “Exotic Shorthair”, this wasn’t the name they initially had in mind. This breed was almost called “Sterling Due”, because of their silver fur.

Because of their round face and body, the Exotic managed to conquer over the US and they are now considered one of the most popular breeds in the United States. One of the reasons for that is that even though the breeds are similar, the short-hair is easier to take care of, demanding less grooming.

How is the Exotic Shorthair personality and how much they cost?

Brown exotic shorthair kittenBecause of the many comparisons with the Persian cat, a lot of people are often confused about which breed to adopt or buy. If you end deciding on taking one home, you’ll need to pay from $1500 to $2000. If you decide on adopting an Exotic Shorthair it will cost you from $75 to $150.

Once that is set and done, you’ll find a quiet and silent cat. They like to be around you but they are not very vocal. This breed plays favorite and will get more attached to one person in your house.

Despite being often quiet, they are also playful and cuddly. If you have kids, they might be a good choice since they are gentle but enjoy some play time.

How to groom the Exotic Shorthair and what are their health problems?

Being a low grooming breed, you’ll only need to maintain a basic routine to take out the loose hair from shredding. Groom your Exotic once a week and it should be enough to maintain their coat without tangles. Take extra care during Spring and Summer, when they tend to shred more.

They will also need baths once a month to keep them clean, as well as dental care. Also, make sure to clean their eye area frequently to prevent dermatitis.

There is evidence showing that Exotic cats can be more affected by PKD – Polycystic Kidney Disease. You can make a simple DNA test to see if your new baby Exotic Shorthair has the condition. Here’s more information about the breed:

Life Span 11 – 15 years
Weight & Size Medium Size. 3-4 kg
Hypoallergenic No
Attention Needs Low
Noise Low
Pattern All colors and Patterns
Grooming Low

Exotic Shorthair Interesting Facts

  • They love to take naps on laps, so even if they don’t meow at you, make sure to give them attention.
  • Known as “Teddy-bear” because of their cute round face
  • Also called a “Lazy Man’s Persian”, since they require less care
  • Even though their original color was a simple Silver, today is one of the least popular colors of this breed.


The Exotic Shorthair is a perfect choice if you want a breed that won’t cause you much trouble. They’ll stay quiet for most of the time, only needing a bit of your time to play. This breed is kid-friendly and pet-friendly, so if you have a family already you won’t need to worry. Definitely on the expensive side of breeds, so a good option would be to try to adopt instead. You can look for information about how to adopt an Exotic Shorthair here: