Facts, history, and Personality of the unusual American Bobtail breed

White America bobtail catMostly known for their wild looks that resemble a Bobcat, this stunning breed has also a very unique and interesting personality. As far as physical traits go, their short tail and wild looking pattern stand out the most. Their tails stand up almost straight with a slight curve because of this breed’s genetics, and they are usually only about four inches.

Their coat is very thick and glamorous and composed of two different hair layers. The first one, closer to the skin is a normal coat similar to any other short-hair breed, however, their second coat consists of medium length hair in many different colors and patterns. The breed is still developing, changing and they have a gene pool relatively small. Here’s all you need to know about the American Bobtail kittens.

The American Bobtail cat looks like a Bobcat?

Even if they don’t, at least many people seem to believe so. The reason for the comparison is mostly because of this breed’s fur pattern, especially because of the ears; Similar to the Bobcat, the American Bobtail can have their ears a little tipped with long hair, making them both have quite a strong resemblance.

For this breed, there is a lot of uncertainties about their history. One of the craziest theories is that they are a result of a breeding between a wild Bobcat and a domestic Tabby. But although this combination quite fits the looks of the American Bobtail, it is unlikely to be the case as it would be considered a mutation. Because of so many rumors and questions about this breed’s history, it is mostly a mystery. The biggest official news about the breed’s background is that they started breeding in 1960, with the Siamese and Himalayan cats.

How much is the American Bobtail price and what to expect from the breed?

Blue eyes American bobtail catIn case this breed’s exotic look was enough to make you fall in love for them, might be useful to know that an American Bobtail baby cat can cost from $600 to $1000. Definitely more on the expensive side, so if you’re planning on buying one, might be a better choice to go for common colors.

They are an excellent choice for bigger families, as they enjoy to interact with a love of people rather than just one person. They’ll be following everyone around the house since they enjoy receiving their daily dose of attention. If you don’t voluntarily give it to them, they might do some hoarding if bored.

The American Bobtail personality can be described as very curious and intelligent, so make sure to always have some puzzles to stimulate their brain. They will be able to adapt and learn very quickly, which makes them a breed quite easy to train, like teaching them to walk on a leash for example.

Do they need any special care? Are the American Bobtail Cats Hypoallergenic?

This breed is considered one of the healthiest cats and they require only the basic healthcare, like dental checkups and grooming. It’s important, however, to know how to groom the American Bobtail since they have a double-layered coat. Make sure to brush them twice a week especially during fall and spring, when they tend to shred even more. You can check out some more information about them here:

Life Span 11 – 15 years
Weight & Size Medium Size. 3-4 kg
Adopt a American Bobtail https://www.adoptapet.com/
Hypoallergenic No
Attention Needs High
Pattern Red, Blue, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Lilac, Fawn, Brown, Black, Cream
Grooming Low

Interesting Facts about the American Bobtail Cat

  • Because of how much they like to stay around their owners, this breed was used in treatment programs by psychotherapists to provide comfort to patients.
  • This breed’s coat is rain-resistant, so you won’t need to worry about them playing outside in the rain.
  • Because of their devoted personality, many people call this breed “dog-like”.


They are one of the breeds with the least amount of health issues, making them extremely easy to take care of. The American Bobtail personality is very friendly, even to bigger groups of people and pets too. If you have a lot of siblings and maybe a bigger furry family they might be just the perfect choice for you. You can adopt the American Bobtail here: www.adoptacat.com