Bongo Cat – the cat that took the internet by storm

Bongo cat the original imageUnless you have spent the past weeks too busy with work, taking a break from the internet or overall just living on an island or something you must have heard of the Bongo Cat.

The amazing video went viral on Twitter and quickly became a meme, as literally everything else on twitter just waiting for a chance to get noticed. The interesting thing, however, is that the viral video is not new, but only just got discovered and became an internet sensation.

If you surprisingly have not seen the video, the original one at least contains the illustration of a cute little cat with an adorable smile and pink paws playing the bongo. The video that is no longer than 20 seconds, plays the bongo sounds and changes backgrounds quickly including a scene from Mario Bros.

It didn’t take long for the short funny video to gain thousands of retweets and likes on the platform, migrating to other platforms as well and gaining the love of everyone who saw the video.

How the Bongo cat meme started

As I mentioned, the video is not exactly new. The original version was uploaded to Youtube months ago, more precisely during summer. Somehow, the video did not receive much attention back then and was ignored.

For odd unknown reasons that explain users suddenly fighting a certain video or meme and turning them viral, the bongo cat had the same luck and was out of the blue the most popular video on Twitter and other platforms.

Quickly everyone couldn’t help but replaying the video 100 times. Nobody could get enough of the cute cat playing the bongo. The video popularity resulted in a lot of memes swiping through all platforms.         

The variations of the Bongo cat

With the huge popularity and getting attention even from celebrities, the video quickly started to be modified. Everyone wanted a piece of the bongo cat popularity and due to the original video massive success, many of the new versions became popular too.

Especially on Twitter, users started to write the hashtag #BongoCat to post their new versions of the video with a lot of different instruments. It was possible to see videos of the cat now playing piano, the keyboard, playing video games, liking and retweeting videos and pictures on twitter, and even a retro version of a pixel cat playing many other instrumentals.

There was simply no limit, it all depended on the user’s creativity to come up with new versions for the cute cat.

Not only that, the cat that was always behind apparently a desk of some sort, only allowing us to see his little head and paws quickly gained a whole body. Many Twitter users with a talent for drawing decided to give the bongo cat an official form and a whole cute body.

The modifications on the original video don’t stop with new instrumentals and many users have even made brand new videos of the cats doing other actions such as playing and singing.


It seems like a nice time to be a cat lover online. Just in the past few weeks, many cat-related memes became viral on Twitter and other social media making our life much more fun.

just recently, we saw the infamous videos of the cat chilling on the runaway and stealing everyone’s attention on the fashion show. Even by trying to grab a model’s dress while she walked.

All of the viral memes and videos just proves even more that soon the cats will be rolling the world and us all. But hey, if he is cute and playing the bongo we might not even complain.

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